Flow and Discharge

Critical Uses of Flow and Discharge Measurements

Measuring stream flow and calculating discharge to determine the amount of water flowing through streams, rivers, canals, and channels is critical for predicting water availability and flood events, allocating water, and more.

OTT HydroMet has been a leader in flow meter technology for over 100 years, from the first mechanical velocity meters to advanced acoustic Doppler technology used today.

We offer a variety of technologies for continuous water flow measurement and computational discharge, from portable in-stream current meters to side looking acoustic Doppler technology or non-contact surface velocity radar sensors.

OTT HydroMet’s Flow & Discharge Insights

Learn more about surface velocity measurements for open channel flow in our whitepaper on the OTT SVR 100.

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Flow and Discharge Related Resources

Video: Water Velocity Flow Meter

Video: Water Velocity Flow Meter

View a visual walkthrough on how the OTT MF pro is a user-friendly, low maintenance electromagnetic flow meter for cost-efficient in-stream discharge measurement.

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OTT SVR 100 Benefits

On-Demand Webinar: OTT SVR 100 Benefits

Learn more about the OTT Surface Velocity Radar (SVR) 100 in this free webinar recording.

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Flow & Discharge with MF Pro

“Flow & Discharge with MF Pro” Whitepaper

This paper highlights the OTT MF pro, a water velocity meter that leverages a trusted measurement technique and advances the system design to simplify measurement collection, recording, and calculations.

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Surface Water Application Page

Surface Water Application Page

Learn about the options that OTT Hydromet provides versatile technology options for measurement of water level, flow/discharge, and water quality in surface water applications.

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In the Field

Discharge Measurement in Rosenheim

Discharge Measurement in Rosenheim

Learn how the OTT SVR 100 sensor enables safe and reliable discharge measurement even under challenging conditions. This allows measuring stations to now be used as discharge measurement stations, where it was previously impossible or only possible with great effort to measure the flow. Due to the uncomplicated integration into existing systems, existing stations can be easily retrofitted.

The OTT SVR 100 is thus an important addition to the existing product portfolio for discharge measurement and will in future make a major contribution to water monitoring and flood protection, especially in small and medium-sized waters.

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