Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) Monitoring Applications

Monitoring the performance ratio of Commercial Rooftop PV

If installing a commercial rooftop photovoltaic panel is the first step, optimizing performance should be a close second.  Commercial rooftop PV should be optimized and monitored, like a utility scale PV.

By installing a recommended set of sensors, you’ll be able to calculate the performance ratio, get the most yield and make maintenance decisions. Knowing the incoming solar irradiation and the PV panel temperature are key parameters, wind and precipitation also play a role.

At OTT HydroMet, we closely analyzed the Kipp & Zonen product line and we listened to our customers regarding our currently available instrumentation. We decided to develop a product that would be easy to install, easy to use, resistant to soiling and still be affordable. Our answer was the RT1.

RT1 Smart Rooftop Monitoring System

The RT1 provides a very cost-effective measurement solution specially designed for rooftop PV. Not only does it measure solar irradiance in Plane of Array (POA) but also the panel’s temperature.

The RT1 combines two sensors in one system to measure the two biggest influencers of the performance ratio. 

OTT HydroMet’s Solar Energy Insights

Insights and customer stories about solar energy applications.

This issue includes an article on GreenPowerMonitor, a leading provider of renewable energy monitoring and control and asset management systems who use the RT1 among many other OTT HydroMet products.

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Solar Energy Insights

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Solar Energy Guide

Solar Energy Guide

A guide to maximizing the performance of Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Energy Systems.

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Newsletter 41

Kipp & Zonen Newsletter #41

RT1: a­ffordably measure solar irradiation and panel temperature for rooftop PV installations article.

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Newsletter 43

Kipp & Zonen Newsletter #43

Feedback from one of the first RT1 customers – Kalpa Power in India.

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Kipp & Zonen Newsletter #44

Irradiance monitoring systems for rooftop photovoltaic installations article.

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RT1 Rooftop Monitoring System

The RT1 provides a cost-effective measurement solution specially designed for rooftop PV. Not only does it measure solar irradiance in POA but also the panel’s temperature.

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In the Field

Innovative Foldable Solar Roof in Switzerland

Since September 7, 2017, an innovative solar roof of the public utility “IBC Energie Wasser Chur” has supplied the municipal sewage treatment plant with renewable energy. HORIZON is a movable light weight construction system which can be folded and is based on ropeway technology. The modules can be retracted automatically and thus are best protected against storm, snow and hail.

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National Guard of Virginia Relies on Photovoltaics Monitoring by Lufft

The Virginia National Guard 183rd Regiment decided to complete a solar installation at their Regional Training Institute (RTI) at Fort Pickett, VA.  The project, a $2.2 million, 488-kilowatt solar array that measures 10,000 square yards and consists of nearly 2,000 individual solar panels, provides the RTI with nearly 80 percent of its daytime energy needs.

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