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Since 1987, MeteoStar has been putting valuable, timely weather- and water-related information in the hands of first responders, flight planners, forecasters and news disseminators.

Initially designed as a visualization tool for the U.S. Navy, MeteoStar’s continually evolving platform has become the premier resource for meteorological, hydrological and environmental data collection, processing and distribution.

Our specialized system is a completely automated, full-spectrum solution that is highly responsive, scalable and customizable for a variety of applications. Uninterrupted data sets support real-time situational awareness involving weather and the environment for research, planning, transportation and public safety.

Our information supports initiatives driven by governmental agencies, academic communities, and private and public organizations. Today’s dynamic system leverages the speed and universality of the Internet for efficient data access, simplified functionality and streamlined performance for users all over the world.

In 2012, MeteoStar was acquired by Sutron Corporation, and is now one of the strong global product brands that make up OTT HydroMet.

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