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Intelligent measurement networks for improved crop disease management,

irrigation, and water monitoring.

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History of ADCON

Wireless monitoring station with ADCON datalogger in vineyards

Wireless monitoring station with ADCON Series 6 datalogger in vineyards

In the steadily growing market of wireless telemetry solutions, ADCON provides turn-key solutions for agriculture all around the world. The flexible ADCON concept supports the construction of small, mid, or large-scale networks. Stations within the same network can come in all kinds of configurations, from simple rain gauge stations to radar-level stations. With ADCON you obtain reliable data anytime and anywhere.

Since 2003, ADCON systems are created for ease of installation, low-energy consumption and independent operation when used with solar panels.

Highly sensitive receivers allow long transmission distances and reliably cover even the remotest areas. Devices can be integrated into a single telemetry gateway, simplifying system management. Powerful software supports data collection, distribution, storage, processing and visualization from an information center that can be set up in any office location.

In 2011, ADCON became a part of OTT HydroMet, and is now one of the strong global product brands that make up OTT HydroMet.

ADCON Applications

Discover the flexibility of integrated systems—for small-to-large networks—customizable for almost any application and any area.

watering small plant


Water is a valuable resource that should be applied only when necessary and in the right amount needed by your crop to absorb moisture and with it the nutrients from the soil required for proper development. ADCON can provide you with the right tools to take these decisions.

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grape leaf with fungus

Disease Control

Crops are continuously under threat of pests and diseases. With ADCON you can reduce crop loss, optimize spray timing and by that reduce chemical residue in crop, soil and ground water and reduce cost.

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global network information transmission

Data Management and Telemetry

ADCON focuses on telemetry solutions based on its ultra-low-power UHF technology and latest mobile data technologies (3G /4G) for climate monitoring, precision agriculture and hydrometrics.

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Featured Projects

See how we are successfully implementing projects around the world with systems to meet data needs and site requirements.

monitoring station for crops disease

Canada: Fighting Cercospora in Sugar Beets

To help sugarbeet growers in Michigan and southern Ontario to cope with Cercospora, Michigan Sugar needs to monitor sugarbeet fields throughout the two regions.

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Soil moisture and precipitation monitoring station

Soil Moisture and Precipitation Monitoring

Soil compaction is becoming an increasingly severe problem, not only in agriculture, but also in rural construction sites.

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Telemetric agrometeorological network in Bulgaria

Telemetric Agrometeorological Network in Bulgaria

ADCON Telemetry's Bulgarian distribution partner, ScientAct BG, was commissioned to install seven fully equipped agro-met stations in strategic locations all over the country.

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