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+ 8000 Customers

+ 8000 Customers

+ 90 Countries Served

+ 90 countries served

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+ 1000 solutions

Why OTT HydroMet?

We deliver valuable insights, quality instruments and monitoring solutions that improve analysis and support decision-making for experts in hydromet applications. Partnering with our customers, we design effective answers to the challenges of monitoring the world’s water and weather.

Proudly formed from seven strong global product brands: OTT, Lufft, Kipp & Zonen, SUTRON, ADCON, HYDROLAB® and MeteoStar, OTT HydroMet offers over 500 years of combined experience and a strong commitment to the customer for optimal alignment and execution.

Who Are We?

Our Vision - Improving the world with sustainable resource management in times of climate change for us and future generations. Our Mission - OTT HydroMet provides valuable insights for experts in water and weather applications to help protect lives, the environment, and infrastructure.

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OTT HydroMet offers complete solutions for customers all around the world – no matter the size of the project. Supporting the entire value chain, we can manage project planning to ongoing network support and maintenance through our strategic partnerships. From local to global, we will make your project happen.


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