SUTRON Xpert Analog I/O Module, Termination Board

SUTRON Xpert Analog I/O Module, Termination Board

Product Number: 8080-0003-3

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The Xpert, a high performance datalogger & communications device for unattended, remote, real-time data acquisition & control, is a multitasking logger capable of making measurements & transmitting multiple communications simultaneously. Xpert’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) & removable memory make Xpert a perfect option for those needing easy-touse touchscreen navigation & programming plus the ability to transfer data via SD card or USB devices.


  • Flood Warning
  • Discharge
  • Source Water
  • Flow and Discharge
  • Nutrient Monitoring
  • Surface Water
  • HydroMet



Extremely easy to use.


Retrieve data using any communication interface, USB or SD
memory cards.

Easy set-up

No programming background or experience necessary.