SUTRON SatLink 3 Lite Logger

SUTRON SatLink 3 Lite Logger

Product Number: SL3-LITE

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SUTRON SatLink3 Lite with SDI-12 and Tipping Bucket inputs provides a cost-effective way to measure, log, calculate and transmit data from remote locations around the world. This logging transmitter is well equipped to monitor and transmit up to 32 independent measurements on a user-set schedule or during alarm conditions. The SatLink 3 Lite has built-in support for geostationary satellites including GOES. Setup, over RS232, USB or WiFi, is simple, quick and secure with LinkComm software operating on Mac, PC, iPhone and Android. Advanced programing is possible with Python scripting capabilities.


  • Surface Water


Secure access

Secure WiFi with password protection and enable button.

Easy configuration

LinkComm built-in templates for easy sensor configuration.

Remote communication

Remote access via two-way mobile communication (with external modem).