OTT Hydras 3 Standard - max. 20 sites

OTT Hydras 3 Standard - max. 20 sites

Product Number: 56.570.001.9.72

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The Hydras 3 Application Software is designed for data management in hydrometrical and meteorological monitoring networks. Hydras 3 offer a practical, user-friendly software structure for the collection, processing, interpretation, evaluation and transmission of measured data from sensors and stations. The software package incorporates powerful functions and a database specialized for hydrological, meteorological and water quality time series management. The software package is continually evolving, with major input from various global water authorities and hydro experts.


Monitoring Network Management

- High functionality for organization and work with measurement networks
- Easy data access capabilities (optimized for hydrological and meteorological data)
- Downloading of measured data from OTT instruments / measurement stations, on site or via remote data transmission (Sat / Radio / GSM-GPRS/ IP-COM )
- Features alarm management and processing

Management of Data and Time Series

- Calculations, evaluations, statistics, reports
- Time series administration
- Graphical editor: for subsequent editing of measuring values
- Multiple graphics and graphical editor for manipulating measuring values
- Statistical evaluation (comfortable, automatic generation of year/longterm reports)
- Virtual sensor: calculation of a software sensor from the values of up to 6 real sensors
- Correlation analysis
- ISO lines presentation
- Automated or manual import of measuring data (different formats)
- Automated or manual export of data to external applications (various formats)
- Integration of maps - graphics; measuring sites and sensors are marked with symbols
- Administration of info data (measuring station observer entries, picture data,...)

User Administration

- Multi-user platform with network capabilities: intranet / internet data access and presentation with different user privileges
- Multilingual (German, English, French, Spanish)
- Assignment of individual user rights