Kipp & Zonen LAS MkII ET System
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Kipp & Zonen LAS MkII ET System

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A complete Evapo-Transpiration Monitoring System based on the LAS MkII. The system provides field observations of path average energy fluxes using the scintillometry technique.


  • Meteorology Observations
  • Meteorology Research


A complete solution for monitoring the energy balance within the boundary layer.

The system comprises a LAS MkII scintillometer, net radiation sensor, meteorological sensors, data acquisition, and has several telemetry and power supply options.

Low maintenance

The LAS MkII is convenient to use due to low power consumption, integrated data logger, accurate reference time from GPS, and works reliably in cold environments.

Easy installation

More compact design with integrated datalogger, display and setup buttons which allows the configuration of the LAS without the need of an additional computer and cables/power supplies, and nothing needs to be taken apart. This makes transport and installation much easier.