HYDROLAB HL4 Sonde, Temperature, Other Integrated Sensors

HYDROLAB HL4 Sonde, Temperature, Other Integrated Sensors

Product Number: HL4TANOBATT

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The HYDROLAB HL4 is perfectly suited for spot monitoring or continuous deployments in a wide range of freshwater applications. Lightweight, portable and flexible, this multi-parameter sonde helps you quickly monitor watershed conditions. The field proven sensor options coupled with the robust construction and easy calibration delivers high quality reliable data. The HL4 sonde has a temperature sensor, four sensor ports and an optional internal depth sensor. The software allows for easy data retrieval and setup of logging files.


  • Water Quality


Ease of portability between sites and installation

The sonde’s lightweight and compact design readily accesses difficult locations and fits inside protective housing -2” wells. Its durable design provides long term usage for a variety of applications.

Perfect for spot monitoring and short-term monitoring studies

Includes an internal memory of 4GB for logging data plus an optional internal battery pack, and flexible for many applications.

Easy to use instrument management and control software

Has guided calibration tasks and instructions, plus real time measurements in graphical and tabular formats.