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OTT ecoN UV Nitrate Sensor, 1 mm Path Length

Product Number: 6330000190-1-E

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The OTT ecoN UV nitrate sensor combines field reliability with a user friendly, low operational cost, future ready platform. It uses optical UV absorption technology for the determination of nitrate concentrations in fresh surface and groundwater. The calculation of nitrate from the filtered absorption spectrum includes compensations for turbidity and organic interferences. Nitrate measurements and sensor status information is available in real-time for integration into data acquisition systems. The anti-fouling wiper reduces maintenance requirements and extends deployment times for continuous monitoring locations.


  • Nutrient Monitoring
  • Source Water
  • HydroMet


Smart optical technology

Individual absorption channels deliver reliable data; Separate reference signal provides greater accuracy; Smart channel processing reduces drift and eliminates bias; Turbidity and dissolved organic matter compensations for data quality

Access with web browser

No need to install software to access and manage instrument

Anti-fouling wiper

Wiper removes bio-fouling even in harsh conditions

Calibration verification

Does not require annual factory calibrations, thus reducing maintenance costs

Flexible sensor options

Ability to use sensor for different site conditions