Basic Tide Station System

As a market leader in environmental monitoring and a close collaborator with the National Ocean Service, SUTRON developed the Basic Tide Station System to track tidal events and wave information in locations around the globe.

Tracking Tidal Events and Wave Information

The Basic Tide Station System is built around the combination of SUTRON’s powerful XLite datalogger and Radar Level sensor.

This arrangement allows the user to retrieve information not only pertaining to the water level, but also wave height and wave energy.

These latter parameters can now be offered thanks to the implementation of a new algorithm which has added significant capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Success Seen in Pacific Ocean's Ring of Fire 250 Stations

The success of the Basic Tide Station System can best be seen in a network of 250 stations deployed around the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire.

This project is collaboration between the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and the University of Hawaii Sea Level Center. Since the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Asia, the project’s mission has been to provide warning for local residents of approaching tsunami conditions and to minimize the danger to human life.

Features and Benefits

In addition to the above-mentioned electronics, SUTRON’s Basic Tide Station System includes:

Communications can also be enhanced by adding redundant modems. These can use technologies such as GPRS, Iridium Satellite Communications, BGAN or Line-of-Sight radios.

List of measured parameters:

Water Level


Optional Additional Parameters:

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