SUTRON Accubar®  Constant Flow Bubbler without Enclosure

SUTRON Accubar® Constant Flow Bubbler without Enclosure

Product Number: 56-0133-25-1P

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The Sutron Single Orifice Constant Flow Bubble Gage & Recorder is a self-contained water level and temperature measurement device ideally suited for recording water level measurements in rivers, streams, reservoirs, tidal, oceans, and industrial areas. The Bubble Gauge’s built-in precision Accubar® Pressure Sensor provides reading accuracy within 0.05% in water levels above 0.01 ft. Bubble gauges operate by forcing pressure into a tube which expels bubbles into the body of water being measured. When the pressure in the line is static so that the pressure at the orifice is the same as the pressure at the other end of the tube in the instrument itself, a sensor can then measure water pressure to a high degree of accuracy. A Single Orifice Constant Flow Bubble Gage & Recorder is a comprehensive water measurement system consisting of a pump, tank, manifold, control board, sensors, display, and keypad enclosure. Each component for accurate temperature and level monitoring, such as a data logger for information relay, is factored. The Bubble Gauge is both a logger and a sensor. Its internal log is capable of holding more than 300,000 multidimensional readings. While capable of standalone operation, the Bubbler Gauge features SDI-12, RS232, and RS485 interfaces so that it may coordinate with other water level pressure sensors or communications equipment as well. The system periodically operates a pump to keep the user-defined pressure levels in the system balanced. As the water level rises, the pump activates to balance the system at a higher pressure. As the water level drops, the pump stays inactive, allowing the system to balance at a lower pressure by simply allowing surplus air to escape through its orifice.