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Measuring water quantity and quality in surface water (open channels, rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and estuaries) is one of the foundations of hydrological monitoring and has been a focus of OTT HydroMet since its first water current meters were designed in 1875.

With more than a century focusing on and designing solutions for hydrometry, OTT HydroMet is a leading provider of innovative and easy-to-integrate sensors, systems, and software.

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Surface Water Related Resources

Water Level Application Page

Water Level Application Page

Measuring water level, a surface water quantity measurement, is used to compute discharge, control water resources, or alert when water levels hit or exceed critical threshold levels. Our application page covers other important uses of water level data as well as recommendations for how to collect it.

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Water Flow Discharge Application Page

Water Flow Discharge Application Page

Understand how measuring stream flow and calculating discharge can determine the amount of water flowing through streams, rivers, canals, and channels. This is critical for predicting water availability and flood events, allocating water, and more.

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Precipitation Application Page

Precipitation Application Page

Precipitation monitoring data is critical for local weather tracking, weather observation, watershed monitoring, water resource management, and forecasting. Learn how to collect precipitation data in our comprehensive application page.

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Urban Hydro Guide

Urban Hydro Guide

Understand current Urban Hydrology conditions, strategic plans to combat the issues, and sustainable urban hydrology monitoring solutions.

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In the Field

Hydromet Cloud Case Study

Hydromet Cloud Case Study - Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site

Thompson's Mills is the last water-powered mill in the state of Oregon and needed an effective way to see water level. Through SUTRON and OTT HydroMet products such as the data visualization software Hydromet Cloud, they are able to control water level and inform decisions on how to manage water gates in order to maintain critical water level thresholds.

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