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Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

Smart buildings and smart cities in which energy consumption is optimized, building management is largely automatic and traffic is optimized using smart technologies are the future.

To realize this future vision, sophisticated environmental sensors are required, which control the irrigation of green areas, air conditioning and heating, window shutters, room lighting, and more. That's where OTT HydoMet can help.

We offer all-in-one weather sensors, such as the Lufft WS10 multiparameter sensor, that cover all the parameters required for building management systems and smart cities with one device. This facilitates their installation, integration and maintenance tremendously.

Webinar: All you need to know about the new Lufft WS10 weather sensor

First official introduction webinar of the new Lufft WS10 all-in-one weather sensor for smart city, smart home, solar rooftop, urban weather monitoring networks and building automation.

Discover the innovative Lufft WS10 Compact Weather Sensor

The WS10 is an affordable all-in-one weather sensor covering 10 parameters simultaneously. It’s suitable for building automation, smart home, smart city and solar rooftop applications.

The smart sensor system measures air temperature and pressure, relative humidity, wind velocity and direction, precipitation amount, intensity and type, solar radiation, UV index, sun direction, brightness and twilight values. Learn more in the product guide:


Further Smart City & Building Automation related resources

10 Year Anniversary of the Lufft WS Product Family

The Lufft WS family changed the way of weather monitoring as it was the first series of compact weather sensors combining several sensors in one housing. From then on, users such as weather services and road maintenance departments were able to monitor all necessary weather parameters simultaneously. In the video and the eBook, we review our experience with the WS family models, show their fields of application as well as the largest projects and address their benefits.


The Lufft WS100 Radar Precipitation Sensor Guide

The Lufft WS100 is a radar precipitation sensor with adjustable heating. It measures the speed of all forms of condensed water. These include rain, freezing rain, hail, snow and sleet. Due to its maintenance-free operation, the intelligent sensor is especially suitable for places and recording areas that are difficult to access. Its possible uses are nearly unlimited. Learn more in the sensor guide:


Calibration of cloud radars with OTT Parsivel² disdrometer data

Radars are indispensable instruments for the observation of the spatio-temporal distribution of precipitation and their manufacturers pay careful attention to their calibration and quality control. So why is the calibration of cloud radar systems necessary? And what is the best way to do it? Watch this webinar and get the answers:


In the Field

Building Automation - Smart Lufft-Sensor on Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in Athens

In Athens the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), which was designed by Renzo Piano, is built. It will host the the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera. We are part of this actual largest buliding project in Greece in form of a WS601-UMB compact weather sensor.

Learn More About this Project


RWIS in Geislingen, South Germany helps to make the traffic safer

The South German City Geislingen installed a road weather system in 2016 consisting of Lufft weather sensors and the monitoring software ViewMondo

Learn More About this Project

Lufft WS100 Smart City & Building Automation sensor helps with construction work in Dublin

Datum Monitoring Group installed two Lufft WS100 Smart City & Building Automation sensors and Leica flagship MS60 Multistations in Dublin for Walls Construction, Ireland's leading construction company.

Learn More About this Project 


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