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Industrial Measurement Data - Precision in the Palm of Your Hand

Ambient condition changes can happen anywhere in production lines, labs or other facilities - at any time. Whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, banking, manufacturing or other industries, when it comes to the monitoring of ambient conditions like temperature, humidity or air pressure count - business never stops.

Leading organizations around the world rely on OTT HydroMet for accurate and reliable ambient condition data. Data is used to monitor and ensure compliance with individual indoor air quality specifications.

Our wide product range to detect changes in ambient conditions will help you find a solution to keep your threshold values under control. 

Lufft XA1000: The Smartphone of Handheld Measuring Devices

We proudly present the "smartphone" of hand-held measuring instruments: the Lufft XA1000. The precise and universal all-round device for professional applications is easy to use and reliably measures temperature, humidity, flow rate, CO2 and air pressure using exchangeable SDI sensors.

Brochure about Weather Critical Operations

Offshore wind farms and increasingly large solar parks play an important role in global energy supply. Our mobility knows no bounds. We rely on an infrastructure that functions efficiently - on land, in water or in the air. Experienced decision-makers ensure that “outdoor” technology operates flawlessly. Environmental sensors are indispensable here as the basis for decisions.

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Lufft Brochure about Weather Critical Applications

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Industrial Measuring Devices

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Lufft I-BOX – The Gateway of Measurement Technology

Record and process measurement data with ease at an unbeatable price using the new LUFFT I-Box, the gateway for industrial measurements.

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LufftAcademy Webinar: The LUFFT I - BOX and Internet of things

Watch our LufftAcademy Webinar for more information about our new gateway of industrial measurement - the Lufft I-BOX with app technology.

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