Data Management

Hydrology and Meteorology Data Monitoring

Data collection platforms (DCP), or dataloggers, can trigger, collect, and send data remotely in near-real time from connected sensors, including analog or smart sensors.

They also include data processing to apply advanced algorithms and scripts, such as Python. To get hydrology and meteorology monitoring data back to the office, data can be remotely transmitted via telemetry options such as GOES or Iridium satellite or cellular networks. Of these, Iridium and cell can apply remote two-way communication to seamlessly integrate sensors within the field to adjust settings remotely.

Data can be viewed, analyzed, and applied through various software solutions for data visualization, network management, modeling, and decision support. Reliable data aids in identifying long-term trends, managing risk of critical events like flooding, and improving operational efficiency for solar plant monitoring. For crucial decision making, threshold values can be programmed to transmit alarm messages and alert water resource, emergency, and operations managers.

OTT HydroMet’s Data Management Insights

See the end-to-end journey of data from a sensor in the field to your computer. Our detailed infographic covers various telemetry options, data protocols, software choices, and more.

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Telemetry Infographic

OTT HydroMet’s Data Management Insights

Learn how the SUTRON XLink datalogger supports multiple cost-effective telemetry options including Iridium and cellular, with Python scripting for more customization through this On-Demand Webinar.

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XLink Webinar

Data Management Related Resources

Telemetry eBook

Telemetry eBook

Use our Telemetry eBook to compare available solutions to determine the best choice for you.

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Free Telemetry Whitepaper

Find which telemetry method is right for you.

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SatLink 3 Webinar

Learn more about the SatLink 3 Logger and Transmitter in this free webinar recording.

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Hydromet Cloud Video

Hydromet Cloud Video

See the different capabilities within Hydromet Cloud, our cloud-based software platform.

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In the Field

Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site - Hydromet Cloud

Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site - Hydromet Cloud

The products and data management services offered by OTT HydroMet played a critical part in the maintenance and safety of Thompson’s Mill. With Hydromet Cloud, they are able to view their current conditions and trends using the website or app. This allows them to effectively control water level and inform decisions on how to manage the gates in order to maintain critical water level thresholds.

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