OTT WAD 200/314 - Weighing Rain Gauge


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OTT WAD 314 - Weighing Rain Gauge with automatic drain. The OTT WAD 314 is a weighing rain gauge combined with a self-emptying weighing rain sensor specifically designed for the use in subtropical and tropical climates. Utilizing a highly sensitive measuring principle this precipitation gauge meets the requirements from the WMO guidelines. Additionally, the OTT WAD delivers accurate measured values in real time for both quantity and intensity of liquid precipitation in the range of 0.001 to 720 mm/h.


  • Agriculture
  • Flood Warning
  • Meteorology Observations
  • Meteorology Research
  • Precipitation


Unattended use in suptropical and tropical climate zones

The OTT WAD 200 is a weighing rain gauge combined with a self-emptying weighing rain sensor.

Meets WMO guide No.8

Design and construction of weighing precipitation gauge with embeded high sensitive load cell in combination of tipping bucket

Accuracy better than +- 3% in entire insity range of 28,4 inch/h (720 mm/h)

Real time intensity and cumulative precipitation

Real time weight measurement with applied real time algorithm for compensation of wind and temperature induced error

Calibration according national standards

Calibration to be proceeded with volume of water or reference weight set