Lufft Hand held device XC200

Lufft Hand held device XC200

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High-precision reference measurement standard for industrial temperature calibrations
The powerful and compact handheld device with state-of-the-art and robust design. Excellent accuracy. The high-resolution color screen displays rel. humidity, temperature and dew point. Excellent readability. The calibration function (offset correction) guarantees the long-term use without compromising the accuracy.


Performance meets Design

Two powerful and compact handheld instruments that offer a modern and especially robust design: the XC series. Measurement results are easily read via the large digits on the high-contrast and colorful display.

Fast and Informative

The XC series handheld measuring devices can be used individually and are particularly suitable for detecting moisture problems. Masonry in all kinds of buildings can be checked for wetness and moisture by combining temperature and relative humidity readings with the surface temperature.