Lufft StaRWIS-UMB Non-Invasive Road Condition Sensor, 5 m Distance

Lufft StaRWIS-UMB Non-Invasive Road Condition Sensor, 5 m Distance

Product Number: 8711.U55

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Starwis, the stationary version of the award-winning mobile road weather Sensor MARWIS. StaRWIS is the first non-invasive road weather sensor detecting pavement surface conditions with innovative LED technology. The sensor is optimized for 5m installation height. It delivers all standard road condition parameters and ambient values like the surface temperature, relative humidity, dew & freezing temperatures, ice percentages as well as the calculated road condition value.


  • Aviation
  • Meteorology Observations
  • Road Weather


Non-invasive measuring principle

The optical (spectroscopic) measuring principle delivers the important road surface condition parameter without the need of construction works on the road itself.

Low maintenance

Long life LED technique and easy cleaning procedure.

Easy and flexible installation

Simple mounting on standard mast and flexible data communication via Bluetooth, RS485, and CAN-Bus.

High-quality road condition parameters for comprehensive description

Sensor measures on multiple wavelengths in the infrared optical range and delivers important road information: surface temperature, water film height, ice layer thickness, ice percentage, freezing temperature, road condition index, friction and snow height.

High repetiton rate

Allows measurement of pavement condition even in dense traffic situations.