HydroCAT-EP with Plastic Housing, No Pressure Sensor, No ODO Sensor, No Chlorophyll/Turbidity...
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HydroCAT-EP with Plastic Housing, No Pressure Sensor, No ODO Sensor, No Chlorophyll/Turbidity...

Product Number: HC-EP.1000S

Chlorophyll fluorescence accuracy

Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy

Pressure Sensor/Range

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Measures conductivity, temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and chlorophyll. It is ideally suited for extended deployments in remote, biologically rich environments, for depths to 350 m

Factory calibration and streamlined reference checks enable users to generate scientifically defensible data with minimal time and cost required for field maintenance. A five-year warranty and a set annual service cost means users can easily predict and plan for their service costs during the first five years of use. Ideally suited for long term deployments, the HydroCAT-EP can be easily integrated with external data loggers and telemetry systems.

Specifically designed for long-term deployments in remote, biologically rich environments, it comes equipped with multiple anti-fouling systems. Most sensors, including pH, are protected within the unique internal flow path by EPA approved anti-foulant devices. An integral pump minimizes the sensors' exposure to environmental waters, significantly reducing the impact of bio-fouling on sensor performance and drift. A copper faceplate and wiper protect the combination chlorophyll and turbidity sensor.

The HydroCAT-EP uses Sea-Bird Scientific UCI. This easy to use software can also be used with the SUNA V2 Nitrate Sensor. Multiple task wizards and features like an automatic battery endurance calculator make it easy for anyone from novice water-quality professionals to senior experts to quickly learn how to use it.


  • Nutrient Monitoring


Multi-Parameter Moored CTD

Moored Conductivity, Temperature, and pH. Optionally includes Pressure, Oxygen, Chlorophyll, and Turbidity.

Flexible Telemetry Options

RS-232 and SDI-12

Long Term Data Quality

Expendable anti-foulant devices, unique flow path, and pumping regimen for bio-fouling protection.

Integral Pump

Configurable pump for optimal flushing.